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The God of the Goths.

A masive gold neck ring was found at Pietroassa in Rumania in 1837. It had an inscription in the older germanic (o nordic) runes. The ring was later cut in pieces and its runes damaged. But before this, a drawing was made. This is shown in vol. 2 of G. Stephens, ”The Old-northern runic monuments of Scandinavia and England” (London, Copenhagen, 1867-8).

Above are the runes and their equivalent letters:

Un annello de collo ancian de auro massive era discoperita a Pietroassa in Romania 1837. Le annello habeva un inscription in le runes ancian germanic (o nordic). Le annello plus tarde era secate in fragmentos e le runes damnificate. Ma ante iste un designo era facite. Es montrate in vol. 2 of G. Stephens, ”The Old-northern runic monuments of Scandinavia and England” (London, Copenhagen, 1867-8).

In alto son le runes e lor litteras equivalente:

Interlingua and Nordic: GUTANIOUIHAILAG

The text is in ancient Nordic language, and it consists of three words:
Le texto es in le lingua Nordic ancian, e consiste de tres parolas:

Interlingua and Nordic: GUTAN IOUI HAILAG

This may be read as: ”The Goths are sanctified to (holy to) IOWI.”
Iste pote esser legite:”Le Goths son sanctificate (dedicate) a IOUI.”

Evidently this means that the God of the Gothic nations was IOWI.
Evidentemente iste significa que le Deo del nationes Gothic era IOUI.

The letter J was originally pronounced as is now I or Y in English.
JOVE is the name of the god Jupiter (JOVI Pater).
Die Jovi is the Latin name for Thursday.
The god IOWI thus had the same day as had the god Thor.
The name IOWI may be the equivalent of the Hebrew YHWH (יהוה)
יהוה is the God who gave the TORAH to the Hebrews.

Le littera J era pronunciate como es ahora I o Y in interlingua.
JOVE es le nomine del deo Jupiter (JOVI Pater).
Jovedi es le nomine in interlingua pro le Thursday in anglese.
Assi le deo IOUI habeva le mesme die que habeva le deo Thor.
Le nomine IOUI pote esser le equivalente del hebree IHWH (יהוה)
IHWH es le Deo qui dava le TORAH al hebreos.

Friday, November 25, 2005


A prayer for Shabbat:

אב הרחמים שוכן מרומים

Av ha rechamim, shochen meromim.

Father, the merciful, who dwells in the highest.

Patre, le misericorde, qui habita in le alte.

(From the Jewish prayerbook: סדור )

אבינו מלכנו חטאנו לפניך

Avinu, Malekeinu, chatanu lefaneicha.

Our Father, our King, we have sinned against you.

Nostre Patre, nostre Rege, nos ha transgressa antea tu.

(From the Jewish prayerbook: סדור )

אבינו שבשמים יתקדש שמך

Avinu, shebashamaim,
iteqadesh shemecha.

Our Father, who are in heaven,
sanctify your name.

Nostre Patre, qui es in le celos,
Que tu nomine sia sanctificate;
Que tu regno veni;
Que tu voluntate sia facite,
Super le terra,
Como etiam in le celo.
Da nos hodie nostre pan quotidian.
E pardona a nos nostre debitas,
Como nos pardona a nostre debitores.
E non induce nos in tentation.
Ma libere nos ex le mal.
Quia tue es le regno ( הממלכה),
E le potentia ( הגבורה),
E le gloria ( התפארת)
In eternitate ( לעולמי עלמים)

(Rabbi Yehoshua Ben Yoseph , רב יהושע בן־יוסף)


אשר כי אמן אמר אני לכם עד כי־יעברו השמים והארץ לא תעבר יוד אחת או־קוץ אחד מן־תורה עד יעשה הכל

For verily I say unto you: Till heaven and earth pass, one jot or one tittle shall in no wise pass from the TORAH, till all be fulfilled.

Quia io dice vos: Durante que le celo e le terra dura, ni un sol i ni un tilde del TORAH lassara de realisar se.

(Rabbi Yehoshua Ben Yoseph , רב יהושע בן־יוסף)

Thursday, November 24, 2005



In the table are given the Hebrew names of the traditional “stations” of the menorah. They are here numbered as shown in the photo. The tradition uses the menorah as a “glyph” or a symbolic map of reality, the creation from the super-spiritual world, through the world of spirit, soul and intellect down to the solid world of the molecular. From the Greek we know the three latter as Pneuma, Psyche and Soma (Spirit, Soul and Body). In the Hebrew some range the four realities or worlds Neshammah, Ruach, Nefesh and Basar. These four are said to be represented by the four letters in the Holy Name, YHWH, יהוה (Yod, He, Wav, He).

The total process of life, creation and evolution goes down from א (Alef) to כ (Kaf) and returns through ל (Lamed) to ת (Tav) as a full cycle. Thus:

אני האלפ ואני התו ראש וסוף נאם יהוה אלהים

I am Alef and Tav, the beginning and the ending says YHWH Elohim.

Below is a rough sketch of the concepts of Freud, Berne, Jung and Assagioli.
I have indicated what I regard as their corresponding concepts in the Hebrew tradition.
To do this I use the numbering on the Menorah above.
The fact that Freud, Berne and Assagioli all were Jews, and as such aware of the Hebrew traditions leads me to believe that they had this in mind when they coined their terms.


Super-ego = 7
Ego = 10
Id (libido, unconscious) = 11


Parent = 7
Adult = 10
Child = 11


The Collective Unconscious (Archetypes, racial unconscious) = 7 (+ 4?)
The Conscious = 10
The Subconscious (Personal unconscious) = 11


The ”Collective Unconscious” (within which all the following are contained.) = 4

The ”Higher Self” (bordering between the ”Collective Unconscious” and the ”Superconscious”.) = 4 / 7

The ”Superconscious” or the ”Higher Unconscious” = 7

The ”Conscious I”, contained within the ”Conscious”, again contained within the ”Middle Unconscious” = 10

The ”Lower Unconscious” = 11


In le tabula se trova le nomines hebree del ”stationes” traditional del menorah. Illes son numerate como on vide in le photo. Le tradition usa le menorah como un ”glyph” o un mappa del realita, le creation descendente del mundo super spiritual, trans le del spirito, anima e intellecto al le nivello solide molecular. Del grec nos recognosce le Pneuma, Psyche e Soma (spirito, anima e corpore). In le hebree on pote rangiar le quatro realitas o mundos: Neshammah, Ruach, Nefesh e Basar. Iste quatro son considerate esser representate per le quatro litteras in le Nomine Sancte, יהוה (Iod, He, Uav, He).

Le processo total del vita, creation e evolution descende de א (Alef) a כ (Kaf) e retorna trans ל (Lamed) ascendente a ת (Tav) un cyclo total. Ecce:

אני האלפ ואני התו ראש וסוף נאם יהוה אלהים

Io es le Alef e Io es le Tav, le commencio e le fin dice IAUE Elohim.

Le sequente es un schizzo del conceptos de Freud, Berne, Jung e Assagioli.
Io ha indicate ce que io reguarda esser lor conceptos correspondente in le tradition hebree.
Pro isto io usa le numeros in le menorah in le photo.

Le facto que Freud, Berne and Assagioli omnes era judeos, e assi informate del tradition hebree es pro me un indication que illes era consciente de isto quando illes creava lor termas.


Super-ego = 7
Ego = 10
Id (libido, inconsciente) = 11


Parente = 7
Adulte = 10
Infante = 11


Le inconsciente collective (Archetypos, inconsciente racial) = 7 (+4?)
Le consciente = 10
Le subconsciente (inconsciente personal) = 11


Le ”collective inconsciente” (intra le qual es continite omne le sequentes) = 4

Le ”ego superior” (bordante inter le ” collective inconsciente” e le ”super consciente”) = 4/7

Le ”super consciente” o le ” consciente superior” = 7

Le ”ego consciente”, continite intra le ” consciente”,

que es continite intra le” consciente medial”. = 10

Le” inconsciente inferior” = 11

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Saturday, November 19, 2005


The menorah as a symbolic representation of reality:
The menorah is the 7 branched candlestick in the TORAH.
It is associated with symbolism in the TORAH tradition as a model of reality.
This symbolism has been used in modern psychology by Freud, Jung, Assagioli and Berne.
These concepts are central for TORARIN and CARE4U.
But we must remember that no model or symbolic representation is the reality itself.
They may, however have a catalytic function for gaining insight.
The numbers in the photo above will be used in a future blog on this subject.
Le menorah como un representation symbolic del realitate.
Le menorah es le candelabro con le septe branchas in le TORAH.
Es associate con le symbolismo in le tradition del TORAH como un modello del realitate.
Iste sybolismo era usate in le psychologia moderne per Freud, Jung, Assagioli e Berne.
Iste conceptos son central pro TORARIN e CARE4U.
Ma nos debe memorar que no modello o representation symbolic es le realitate de facto.
Symbolos pote, nonobstante, haber un function catalytic pro ganiar intuition.
Le numeros in le photo in alto sera usate in un blog futur a iste subjecto.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

TORARIN 2005.11.19:

שבת שלום

זכור את יום השבת לקדשו

Remember the day of the shabbat to keep it holy!
Six days you shall labour and do all your work.
But the seventh day is shabbat for YHWH your Elohim,
You shall not do any work.

Memora le die del sabbato pro sanctificar lo.
Sex dies tu laborara e facera tote tu obras.
Ma le septime die es le sabbato de IAUE.
Tu non facera ulle obra.

Shabbat Shalom!

Tuesday, November 15, 2005


Our concept of reality largely dictates our perspectives of health and healing.
We maybelieve that the essential reality is within the field of chemistry, mechanics, electromagnetic science etc. We may favour a "blind" evolution where all is originated in a "Big Bang", where elementary particles eventually slowed down to form the atomic and molecular structures that we observe today, with our microcosmos and the macrocosmos, and that life, conscience and intelligence are just a result of random combinations.

This would imply that life has no intention, ethical principles and values are a product of our imagination and there is no purpose for our existence.

A corresponding medical philosophy would be limited to the mechanical and physical functioning of the body (soma) and only as a byproduct, the conditions of intellect and emotions (psyche). And these are what is today represented in medicine and psychology, seperately and as combined in the psycho-somatic medicine.

The altternative is where intelligence, intent and purpose is regarded as the essential constituent of reality, and where matter and energy has by purpose been arranged as we see it today. Regarding the hyperintelligence inherent in all organisms, in our own glandular systems, our DNA, our metabolism, our immune defence, as well as the auto regulating systems of our planet`s biosphere, there are good reasons to accept such a view of the nature of reality before that of random effects.

And if we accept this essence of intelligence, we must interpret the inherent structural and functional activity in all living organisms as indicative of a higher purpose that concerns us as individuals, as communities and as a species. In fact, it is so natural for us to accept this model of reality that we all build our lives upon it.

This adds a new (or ancient) concept to health and healing: We have the dimention of Soul and/or spirit. And unless our science of health and healing includes this, we can never obtain mental sanity or bodily perfection. And, if we do include the dimention of soul/spirit and purpose and ethical values, then a major dimention in health and healing is to aid the client to a harmony with this purpose in her life.

This borders on religion, and religion is in fact mankind`s effort to get into harmony with this superior and eternal intelligence. Yet we observe that religious attitudes may be unhealthy, as when their product is in hate, terrorism and a haughty pride. Also many suffer from a fear for what will happen to them after death, or they feel afraid of God and condemned.

Tomorrow`s doctor must be able to step into this essence of reality, must be able to meet his client on the terms of the client, within the client`s religion or model of reality, and with wisdom and empathy be a cahalyst to bring fulfillment of purpose in the client`s life. He must be able to see that even suffering may have a purpose in the intent of her life.

This is what is now termed a Soul Doctor, and he may be a pastor, a rabbi or a psychotherapist with a new perspective.


Nostre conceptos del realitate in un grande mesura dicta nostre perspectivos de sanitate e therapia. Nos pote creder que le essentia del realitate es trovate inter le areas de chimia, mechanica, scientia de electromagnetismo etc.
Nos pote favor un evolution cec ubi toto es originate in un ”Grande Colpo” (”Big Bang”), ubi particulas elementarfinalemente se decelerava a formar le structuras atomic e molecular que nos hodie observa, inter nostre microcosmi e macrocosmi, e que vita, conscientia e intelligentia no son plus que le resultato de combinationes aleatori.

Le implication es que vita ne ha intention, ne principios ethic, e que valores son un producto de nostre imagination, e que il ha no intention a nostre existentia.

Un philosophia medical correspondente serea es limitate al function mechanic e physical del corpore (soma) e como un function solmente secundar, le conditiones del intellecto e emotiones (psyche). E istes son ce que hodie son representate in medicina e psychologia, separatemente o e in combination como medicina psycho-somatic.

Le alternative es quando intelligentia, intention e objecto son reguardate como le constituentes essentialdel realita, e ubi materia e energia son intentionalemente arrangiate como nos le observa hodie. Reguardante le hyperintelligentia inherente in omne organismos, in nostre systemas glandular, in nostre DNA, nostre metabolisma, nostre defensa immun, assi como le systemas auto regulative del biosphera de nostre planeta, il ha rationes ample pro acceptar un tal modello del natura del realita super le del effectos fortuite.

E si nos accepta iste essentia del intelligentia, nos debe interpretar le activitate functional e structural inherente in omne organismos como indicative de un intention plus elevate que nos concerne como individuas, como communitates e como un specie. De facto, il es pro nos si natural acceptar iste modello del realita que nos base nostre vitas a le.

Isto adde un nove (o ancian) concepto a sanitate e therapia: Nos ha le dimentiones de anima e/o spirito. E si nostre scientia de sanitate e therapia no include iste dimentiones, nos nunquam pote obtenir ne sanitate mental ne perfection physical. Ma si nos vermente include le dimention del anima/spirito e le intention e valores ethic, alora un dimention major in sanitate e therapia es adjutar le cliente a harmoniain in le intention de su vita.

Iste confina con religion , e religion es de facto le effortio human a attiger al harmonia con iste intelligentia superior e eternal. Nonobstante nos observa que nostre attitudes pote esser insalubre, como si lor producto es odio, terrorismo e arrogantia. E multe personas suffre de timor a que esserea lor fato post morte, o ha pavora Deo e condemnation.

Le doctor de deman pote esser habile a entrar a in iste essentia del realita, e debe esser capabile incontrar su cliente, inter le area de religion o modello de realitate del cliente, e con sagessa e emphatia esser un catalyst a attinger completion del intention in le vita del cliente. Le doctor debe haber le sagessa vider que mesmo sufferentia e dolor pote haber un valor in le vita del cliente.

Ecce ce que es ahora appellate Doctor del Anima o Doctor del Spirito. Un pastor, un rabbi o un psychotherapist con un nove perspectiva pote entrar iste vocation.

Saturday, November 12, 2005

Wishing you all a good shabbat!
Un bon sabbato a vos omnes!

כי מציון תצא תורה ודבר יהוה מירושלם
For from Tzion shall go forth the Torah,
And the word of YHWH from Jerusalem.

Pro que de Tzion sera proclamate le Torah,
e le parola de IAUE de Ierushalaim.

וכתתו חרבתיהם לאתים וחניתתיהם למזמרות לא ישאו גוי אל גוי חרב ולא ילמדון עוד מלחמה

And they shall beat their swords into plowshares, and their spears into pruninghooks:
nation shall not lift up sword against nation, neither shall they learn war any more.

E illes forgiara lor spadas a in aratros e lor lancetas a in falcettos:
Non jam levara nationes spada contra nationes, non jam on apprendera facer guerra.

Judaism, Christianity and Islam are children of the Torah.
They all claim to be the children of Abraham.
They all look forward to the kingdom of heaven on earth.
So let us pray that they may allow the intention of Torah to take root in their hearts.

Judaismo,christianismo e islam son le infantes del Torah.
Illes omnes pretende esser le decendentes de Avraham.
Illes omnes prospice e expecta le regna del celo al terra.
Alora, que nos ora que le intention del Torah se radicara in lor cordes.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

means the language inside the languages.
It is our modern world`s Latin in a simplified version that will provide a gateway to future international communication.
es le lingua inter le linguas.
Il es le Latino de nostre mundo moderne in un version simplificate que providara le porta al communication international del futuro.


is short for
The Torah Research Institute
It will be presented here


The CARE4U project will appear here.

Saturday, November 05, 2005


Welcome to Osmunds Blog!

I have not yet started to use my blog, but will soon be back with some definite application.
Io non ha decidite que facer in iste blog, ma va retornar con qualque application definite.

Con salutes cordial!