Thursday, January 04, 2007



As we assemble here today
to say farewell to you,
we know we’d not have come this way,
we know we’d not been here today,
we know we’d not have known Yahweh,
the way we do,
had it not been for you.

From we were young and met the call
that Yahweh gave through you,
you have been a father to us all,
a friend and leader too.
You have loved us, led us, been a light.
You have taught us how to live and fight.
You have shown us what is wrong and right.
We thank Yahweh for you.

What better gift of gratitude
can we return to you
than go forth in this attitude
to be forever true
to that you taught,
to that you brought:
Our covenant with Yahweh.

Yahshua called you to go home
and meet with mother Joyce.
We’ll miss you Dad, but you will come
to those who will rejoice
to see you, hug you, welcome you.
And then Yahshua`s voice:
“Well done, you servant true!
To Glory enter in!”